“We spoke to Mark on a number of occasions over a couple of years. When we were eventually clear that we would consider a sale, we agreed a price relatively quickly. From then to completion was a matter of weeks. We would recommend their professional and no-nonsense approach to business”

“Mark Simons has been a pleasure to conduct business with.  He is very straightforward and true to his word – a rarity in this world.  I highly recommend him.”

Gilly Edwards

“Over the past 15 years, I managed a rented estate of over 400 properties with the help of a dedicated property management company. The shareholders examined the next steps for the development of the property portfolio and decided that selling the estate to a single buyer represented the best way forward for both tenants and shareholders. Mark had been in contact with me a number of times prior to the decision to sell being made and a meeting was arranged. He was interested in brokering a deal and made contact with a number of potential buyers. His choice met the shareholders brief exactly. He was clear in his communications and helped to ensure the deal was completed in a straight forward manner.”

Anonymous 2021

Mark is obviously a shrewd businessman with great experience and knowledge in this specialist market. If I had read his website earlier I could have saved over £2000 in solicitor’s fees. I did have to answer a lot of questions from his solicitors, but he honoured my request not to disturb the tenants and maintained the price we had originally agreed. I would definitely recommend the company for this potentially difficult market.
Patrick R. Cheshire November 2017

“Squires House purchased a property with a sitting tenant which I inherited recently. This was not a straightforward transaction but over several months I found Mark to be consistent, prompt to reply, reliable, trustworthy , and to pay a fair price . I have confidence that the tenants will be treated fairly.

Whilst there may be many investment companies out there willing to purchase tenanted properties you could do no better than to use the services of Squires House. Mark deals effectively and efficiently from start to finish in all aspects to ensure a smooth, fast completion of sale. A most approachable person and In this day and age honest.

“I had been approached over a number of years by a number of companies claiming to want to buy sitting tenant properties. Most purportedly offered a service that in reality left me somewhat underwhelmed. I had spoken to all but felt that Mark would ensure that my tenants interest would continue to be looked after post sale. I can recommend talking to Mark if you have a similar property.”

Neil J

“ I had been approached several times to sell my inherited property in North London . The property came with a sitting tenant and I was in no rush to sell however when Mark approached me and we discussed the the subject I felt I had met someone I could trust to give me fair value and also look after my aged tenant . Sale was complete in 6 weeks and I now have the funds to reinvest as I wish without the burden of trying to manage the tenancy – great job Mark “

Peter Lombardi 

“Now that the sale of Orford Road  has been completed , I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure doing business with you.  At all times I found you to be helpful and courteous and the whole matter was completed on time and at the agreed price. I would have no hesitation in doing business with you in the future. Thank you once again” Yours sincerely

Alison William

“May I take this opportunity of thanking you most sincerely for all the many investment properties you have purchased from us over the years! It has been a pleasure to do business with a company who practices ethics that are as important as the speedy completions we have both enjoyed. May it still continue even on this climate!”

Joy R

“Very straightforward to deal with on sale of an investment property, and prompt in dealing with all relevant correspondence”

Andrew H

“I thank you for dealing with the house sale in Oxfordshire. With tenants involved, it was not the easiest of matters to deal with, to sell, and safeguard the interests of all parties.This you managed with delicacy without speed, but sorting the physical and personal aspects of tenant and vendor problems one by one.

I think any other party would have given up a long time ago, but your tenacity saw it through fairly and respectfully to all parties. We agreed a price to sell at earlier, and you did not waver from your original offer, despite some difficult and lengthy negotiations.”

J.C . Nuneham Courtenay Oxford

“Real pleasure doing business with Squires House, successful and by far the most professional bidder in a tenanted property transaction”


“Squires House: they drive a hard bargain, but are then true to every word they say.”

Anonymous, Uxbridge

We inherited a property with a fixed tennant.
Mark from Squires House properties approached us and we decided to pursue the matter.
There was no lengthy haggling over the price. Throughout the whole sale Mark was helpful and courteous and the sale was completed promptly.
Thank you Mark

“Mark has kept in touch for several years since my initial enquiry. When the time was right to sell Mark had everything in place to make the transaction smooth & simple, even with a complicated property title. Very professional, he understands what is required with registered tenancies. Would I use again? Happy to say yes I would.”

Having sold a property via Mark Simons, I have found him cheerful, cogent, courteous, helpful (giving me legal help) and efficient. I also found him quite forceful, a man who knows what he wants and does not waste words. He has my respect and thanks.
G A Esposito

Our family had inherited a house when my mother died in 2011. At the end of 2014 we
found it necessary to sell the property which had a long term sitting tenant.
We contacted Mark Simons at the beginning of 2015 and he not only said he was interested
but was prompt at replying to all communications. We agreed a price for the property only
marginally below our anticipated amount.
With the help of our own very efficient solicitor, we were able to complete the legal
exchange of documents before the end of the 2015 financial year.
We were also concerned that the sitting tenant would be treated fairly and Mark has given us
an assurance that this will happen.
I would be happy to recommend Mark and his company to other people needing to sell a
property with a sitting tenant.
Paul Baker

The sale went through smoothly and quickly.
Mark and Squires House were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
What a breath of fresh air!
Anna L

“I’m very happy to say it was a pleasure to deal with you, you did what you said you would and you put your money where your mouth was.”

JD, Berkshire

“Although originally we had agreed to sell our tenanted property to another Company who had promised a quick completion, when delays started we decided to switch to Squires House who made a better offer. Throughout the transaction Mark Simons was open and honest in all his communications and although they drove a hard bargain they did exactly what they said they would. I would certainly consider using them again.”

JC (West Sussex)

“Dealing with Squires House was a pleasure. Quick, straightforward and no unnecessary fuss or questions. I thoroughly recommend them.”

S.W. (Essex)

“Dealing with Squires House was very straight forward and their word was completely reliable from start to finish”


“Mark and the Squires House team were straightforward and helpful, we talked through and settled issues quickly and sensibly.”

Anoymous, London

“The transaction was most unusual – it proceeded as smooth as silk from agreement to completion.”

Ian Hudson

“I find Squires House on the web with other companies who are say buying houses with sitting tenants. I found that Mark Simons is true to every word he say and dealing with Squires House was quick, straight forward, and very professional. However selling my Cottage was not easy for me Mark and his team did not waver so much from original offer. I will recommend them highly.”

SKG (Oxford)

BF, Executor

“We found Squires House extremely straight forward and easy to deal from the beginning negotiation stage right through to completion”

Steve B. (agent)

“I would just like to say that it was a pleasure dealing with and I would not hesitate to pass your details on to anyone with a difficult property to sell, kind regards”


“Dealing with Squires House was the most straightforward way to sell a property. No delays and no fuss. Thank you Mark for making our transaction such an easy and smooth experience. Good luck with your future purchases.”


“The process of selling our property to Squires House went through smoothly and I would be happy to use the company again in the future.”


“I wish to say that I received an approach from your company to purchase a property we owned .There was no pressure and it was a pleasure to work with you and we worked our way sensibly and fairly to an agreement .I had not contemplated selling the property but was pleased to do business with a professional outfit who reassured me that they would look after the sitting tenant and make repairs etc. It was a good experience.”

AG (solicitor)

“Mark, – Thank you for your message, I have been meaning to contact you. Our old lady tenant had a fall about a month ago, went into a rest home to recuperate, liked it so much she decided to stay, so gave us notice. This was very good for us, but not for you. We have now sold it with full vacant possession, which I know you would not be interested in.
As you are aware this was our last restricted property so I presume that this will be our last contact with you, which is sad, but thank you for all your e-mails and the way you have conducted the business we have had together, it has been appreciated and I wish you well for the future.Thank you again”

Jean and Stuart

“Having owned a property for 27 years with a sitting tenant that lived there and still lives there, I decided that I wanted to sell the property to enable us to do other projects. I’d been approached by a company that were interested in purchasing the property but the price they offered wasn’t what I expected and I thought I could do better. I telephoned Squires House the same afternoon and within a couple of hours had a phone call from Mark Simons who told me all about the company and how they could help. True to his word he called me after a valuation of the house (without having to upset my tenant- this was done from the outside only).He promised to offer a good price, hence this would be the only offer and the amount would be in my bank on completion. This is exactly what happened! All the way to completion we were in contact by email or telephone. Mark always assured me everything would be fine and it was. I would recommend Squires House to anyone who is thinking of selling a property with a long term tenant. They are very professional, with a friendly approach, which puts you at ease and enables an instant trust.”

Andrea Paget

“Just want to say thanks for converting a solid offer to completion so quickly, without any issues along the way-if all buyers were like you, selling houses would be simple! Thanks again.”

Nick, Stoneplace Management

“I have just completed the sale of a second tenanted property to Squires House. As with the first time, everything from initial discussion to completion went smoothly. Thank you Mark for making the transaction easy, with no delays or fuss. I would recommend Squires House to anybody considering selling a tenanted property, and if I had another such property, would not hesitate in picking up the phone to Mark”

C.T (Berkshire)