Why Sell?

  • Prices of properties are projected to fall and stay at a level of affordabilty
  • Release capital now to facilitate purchase of properties with better annual returns
  • Avoid expensive Repairs & Buildings Insurance that are not covered by rental income
  • Avoid management problems and having to deal with carrying out expensive repairs
  • Tax Relief – You should benefit now from historically low tax rates

The price paid reflects a positive and long-term view. We are not influenced by ‘blips’ in the market and ignore potential short-term economic downturns. As cash purchasers, we are able to pay a full market value.

Advantages to the seller

  • We pay the highest cash price
  • All dealings are carried out professionally and in strictest confidence
  • You can be assured of reliability as we are the direct purchaser- no agents or intermediaries
  • You deal direct with the principal responsible for making the decision to purchase
  • ‘In house’ professionally qualified valuers accurately appraise your property (this is a free ‘no obligation’ appraisal)
  • We buy properties in any condition even those subject to Repair Notices or tenant problems
  • No structural survey or mortgage valuation is required
  • No internal inspection required and tenants are not contacted or disturbed-this means that your tenants need never be aware of the sale unless you choose to tell them
  • Our portfolios are managed by professional chartered surveyors- we have a reputation as responsible landlords and offer a quick response to tenants needs (our tenants references can be made available if required)
  • We pay your legal fees provided these have been agreed in advance
  • By dealing direct and without an intermediary or agent means you save paying an estate agent’s or auctioneers commission and other associated expenses plus VAT (at 20%)- This is a considerable saving from which you directly benefit.
  • We have substantial cash funds available and can therefore exchange contracts within any deadline to suit you (this can be immediate, if required) and completion is usually between 2-4 weeks from the date of exchange
  • We are able to make formal unconditional offers within 5 days of initial contact
  • The tenant’s rights are protected by law. You can be assured that your tenants will be well looked after in a sympathetic manner and be allowed to enjoy their tenancy free of any concerns- all properties are managed by professional independent managing agents so the properties are well maintained in the manner that our tenant’s require

What is the procedure of sale?

Once you provide Squires House with full details of the property we will instruct independent valuers to carry out a discreet and strictly confidential appraisal. It does not require an internal inspection of your property and thus your tenants need not be made aware of your intention to sell (if you so wish). Upon receipt of the valuers recommendations we shall then submit a formal offer in writing and once a sale is agreed our solicitors will contact your solicitors to confirm instructions to proceed.

You will need to provide an up-to-date Gas safety Inspection Certificate (if the property is served with a gas Supply) and an Energy Performance Certificate (‘EPC’). The EPC is a legal requirement when selling any property irrespective of its nature and we are willing to either organise this on your behalf or refund the cost, subject to agreeing the amount in advance. The Gas Safety Certificate is also a legal requirement as it is otherwise a criminal offence to let a property without renewing it annually.

As soon as a contract for sale is received from your solicitors, our solicitors will raise enquiries and make a search of the Local Authority and Land Registry (‘Searches’). Upon receipt of the results of such searches and replies to enquiries already made contracts will be exchanged. This usually happens within 2-10 working days of receipt of replies to enquiries. Our team of professionals works very quickly and therefore the speed of the transaction is very much dependent on the speed of your solicitors’ response.

As the company has cash substantial credit facilities we do not need lenders’ survey or valuation and this eliminates the potential for delays.

Once acquired the property will be managed by an independent and professional firm of managing agents. This means that the tenant’s rights will be respected and that the property will be fully maintained to protect our investment. At all times the tenants rights will be treated as paramount.